Private Patrol Operator License # 120508 Training Facility License # 1570



James "Jimmy" Barker

  • After honorably serving his country as a US Marine, James proudly worked for the Imperial County District Attorney’s Office before launching his career in private security.  Starting in 1996 as a Detention Officer on a federal contract, James was soon promoted to Compliance Officer.  Following a successful tour as Compliance Officer, James found himself selected to the position of Quality Assurance Manager and subsequently, Assistant Project Manager. A new contract provided a new role, and James was selected as Chief of Security, until deciding with his partner to create Triad Security in 2018. James’ military and security involvement serve our clients well and provide more than 28 years of dedicated security experience. 

Luis Aguilar, Chief Operations Officer


  • With nearly two (2) decades of security experience, Luis’ skill set ranges from high-risk transportation, to high-risk detention operations. Luis’ journey within the security industry has taken him from the line trenches to the boardroom. With focus on tactical training and operational security, Luis molds our employees, from day one, to possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to succeed in today’s industry.